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Spode China Patterns
Old Salem 7979 through Royal Bracelet

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Old Salem 7979 Old Sandwich
Olga Olumpus
Opera Y8580 Orient Y8520-Q
Oriental Flowers W155 Pacifico S3382
Palace Garden W147 Palermo Y8583-R
Pansy Park Lane Y7487
Park Lane Y8587 Patricia
Patricia 2611882 Peacock W156
Pearl & Laurel 2197331 Pearl Y8593
Peiping Pembrook Y3796
Peony Peplow 1586646
Peplow 2945 Peplow R4075
Peplow R8542 Persia Y8018
Persia Y8085 Petit Bordeaux Y8596
Petite Fleur Y8189 Pets Farm O3365
Pheasant Piazza
Piccadilly Piccadilly 2260154
Pink Bird S/2658 Pink Herme Y1126
Pirethrum S1449 Plaisance
Polka Dot Polka Dot 2847830
Poppies S1449 Poppy
Portabello Portland Vase
Prairie Flower R8318 Primrose
Primrose 2722 Primrose S712
Prince Regent Priscilla Alden
Provence Y7843 Provence Y8599-U
Provincial Flowers Provincial S3211
Queen Anne Queen's Bird
Queen's Bird Y4973 Queen's Gate Y8052
R5219 R5219 R8194 R8194
Raeburn 230 Rambler
Randall's Birds 646036 Regency 2724012
Regency Y5799 Regency Y6170
Regent Y3779 Regent Y7576
Rembrandt S2580 Renaissance Y8141
Renaissance Y8142 Reynolds S2188
Rhine Rhododendron Y6638
Ribbons & Roses Y8553 Richelieu Y6716
Richmond 8144 Richmond Y8382-9
Riverdale Y7988 Roberta Y6699
Roberta Y6969 Rockingham R6434
Rockingham Y5194 Rockingham Y7691
Romany S3420 Rome
Romney Romney S/1962
Romney S228 Rosalie
Rosalie S1878 Rose Briar 2190027
Rosebud Chintz 2374475 Rosedale S/1225
Rosell Rosetti Y8491
Rosslyn Rosslyn 9708
Roxbury S731 Royal Bracelet

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Spode China

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