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Invitation through Lemon Tree

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Invitation Iona
Iris C2212 Iris NM1009
Isis Italian Border A4715
Italy Border A7106 Ivanhoe
Ivory Trellis Ivyhouse
Jacqueline Jade
Jamestown R4613 Japanese Thorn A5959
Japonica Japonica AK9750
Japonica Sprigs A2094 Jaqueminot A4085
Jasmine Jasper Classic-White On Black
Jasper Classic-White On Pale Blue Jasper Classic-White On Pink
Jasper Classic-White On Turquoise Jasper Conran (bone, plain white)
Jasper Conran Blue Pinstripe Jasper Conran Casual-Biscuit
Jasper Conran Casual-Blue 502488 Jasper Conran Casual-Cream 502488
Jasper Conran Casual-Green Jasper Conran Casual-Pink
Jasper Conran Chinoiserie Green501327 Jasper Conran Chinoiserie White501326
Jasper Conran Colours501324 Jasper Conran Embroidered
Jasper Conran Impressions Biscuit Jasper Conran Impressions Sage
Jasper Conran Impressions-Cream Jasper Conran Lustreware501913
Jasper Conran Navy Fringe Jasper Conran Platinum
Jasper Conran Platinum Striped501616 Jasper Conran Platinum501616
Jasper Conran Strata Jasper Conran Tulle
Jasper Conran Whitework Jasper Elegance
Jasperware Jefferson Old Vine
Jefferson Vine TK463 Josephine
Josephine W3927 Judson College
Juliet Kashmar
Katherine Katina C1160
Kenilworth Kensington Chintz
Kent Kenyon
Kew Gardens W1220 Killarney W1212
Killarney W687 Killarney W696
Kimono King Charles Paisley
Kingcup W4050 Kingsbridge
Kingsgate Kingsley
Kingston R4677 Kingston T272
Kirkstone Knam Chinese X9684
Knightsbridge Kruger Nationl Park
Ku-Tani A7363 Kutani Crane R4464
Kutani TK205 Kynance W1945
Kyoto La France
Lace Lady Jane Grey S310
Lady Jane Pink W3518 Lambourn
Lamorna W2346 Landscape
Laurel Laurel 3744
Laurel Hurst Laurentia W1356
Laurention W1909 Lausanne R4543
Lavender Lavender Grapes on Cream Color
Lavender On Cream Color (Plain Edge) Lavender On Cream Color (Shell Edge)
Lawton Lemon Tree

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