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Wedgwood China Patterns
Ranunculus A7738 through Sherwood TK465

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Ranunculus A7738 Ranunculus AK7960
Ranunculus AK8392 Ranunculus-Pink
Raphael Raspberry
Raspberry Cane Rattan
Reflection Regal Gold
Regal Platinum Regent
Regent W2957 Regina
Renaissance Renaissance A1593
Repton Reverie C2055
Rhodes A6946 Rhodes AK6945
Richborough AR7761 Richelieu
Richmond River Scene
Riviera Robert AK6097
Robert AM8226 Robert Sprays TK203
Roma Romantic England
Rome Romeo
Romford Rosa
Rosalie Rosalind
Rose Rose And Jessamine 2327
Rose Quartz Roseberry
Rosedale R4665 Rosehampton
Rosehip Rosemary
Rosemary W3825 Rosemeade
Rosemont W3175 Rotterdam
Rouen Rouen A4168
Rouen Chinois A5707 Rouen R4361
Royal Blue Royal Homes of Britain
Royal Hong Kong Royal Lapis
Royal Madrigal Runnymede W3445
Runnymede W3808 Runnymede W3880
Runnymede W3882 Runnymede W3975
Runnymede W4465 Runnymede W4472
Runnymede W4577 Runnymede W4624
Rural England Rydal
Sable Duchesse Sage
Saint Paul's Academy Salem Academy
Salem Academy-Pink Samarkhand
Samurai Sandhurst W4215
Sandon WD4010 Sandringham W3509
Sandringham W3510 Sandstone
Santa Clara W4114 Sapphire
Sarah's Garden Saturn C2169
Saxe Spray AK7592 Saxon AK7456
Seander Seascape
Senator Serenity
Sevres Sprays A7399 Shady Lane
Shah W3725 Shah W734
Shah W821 Sheerness W1440
Sheerness W959 Sheerness W960
Shell White Sherwood TK465

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Wedgwood China

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