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California W4377 through Colonial Sprays

Select a pattern to see what is in stock and to register for an update when our inventory changes because it changes frequently. Registration is free and does not obligate you to buy anything.

California W4377 Calypso
Cambrian Camelia
Camelia AK7745 Camellia
Campion Candlelight
Cane Cantata
Canterbury 547269 Capri (Vera Wang)
Caprice Capricorn
Carisbrooke Carlton
Carlyn W4302 Carmel
Carnival Caroline
Cascade Caspian
Cathay W4053 Cauldon Lace
Cavalier TK422 Cavalier/Meadow TK422
Cavendish R4680 Celadon
Celadon Grapes On Cream Color Celestial Gold
Celestial Platinum Celia
Ceres 3891 Ceres Border AK9924
Ceres TL304 Chadwick
Chantecler Chapoo
Charisma C2184 Charlecote NM904
Charleston Charlotte
Charlotte (Gold Trim, Newer) Charmaine C1543
Charnwood WD3984 Chartley
Chateau C1565 Chateau C1661
Chatham A7220 Chatham C1163
Chatsworth 501508 Chatsworth C2048
Cheadle A5633 Cheadle AK5498
Cheadle AK8549 Cheadle AL8550
Chelsea 5943 Chelsea Rose
Cheltenham Chester R4446
Chestnut Cheviot AK9786
Chiltern W4284 Chinese
Chinese Flowers R4498 Chinese Legend
Chinese Sprays X9264 Chinese Sprigs A5938A
Chinese Sprigs AK7704 Chinese Teal
Chinese Tigers Chinese Tigers R4625
Chinese Tigers Y6923 Chinese W1210
Chinese W4246 Chintz
Chippendale Chorale
Christabel Chusan
Cipriani Citadel University
Citrons Classico
Clayton Clematis
Clementine R4444 Clio
Cliveden Ivory Clouds 225
Clyde Clytie
Cobalt Royal W1029 Cockington W2054
Cocoa Brown Colbert
Colchester Colonial AK9235
Colonial AL4558 Colonial Sprays

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