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Avondale S701 through Dacca

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Avondale S701 Avonlea
Azure S784 Baccleuch 3365
Bala S570 Barchester S781
Beaconsfield Beaumaris
Beaumont Bedford S669
Belbrachen S696 Belgrave S151
Bellemeade Berkeley B1020
Berkeley B1036 Berkshire
Berkshire S467 Beverley B1310
Bird Of Paradise S771 Blue Dawn
Blue Delft S766 Blue Mosaic S783
Bordeaux Bradford
Branksome Branksome S441
Brentwood B1364 Bridal Veil
Bristol S539 Brocade
Brocade - Aqua H5066 Brocade - Cobalt Blue H5066
Brocade - Crimson-Cobalt H5066 Brocade - Gray H5066
Brocade - Green H5066 Bromley C4392
Bromley S340 Brookwood
Brunswick C2216 Brunwick C1460
Bryonia Buckingham - Cream K159
Buckingham B1207 Buckingham H3953
Buckingham PA1712 Burlington H5149
Butter Mere B1260 Butterfly C883
Byron Byron C5343
Caliph Cambridge B1323
Canary Yellow H5242 Canary Yellow H5254
Canterbury B1182 Carlisle H5203
Carlton Carlyle Nb1463
Carmine S647 Champagne H5283
Chartwell Chatham B1260
Chatham S123 Cherrydown S700
Cheviot - Blue S451 Cheviot - Gold S534
Cheviot - Green S503 Cheviot - Ivory S508
Cheviot - Pink S587 Cheviot - Tan S573
Chevron H5002 Chiltern
Chiltern B1282 China Aster
China Rose S724 Chinese Celadon NP1956
Chinese Diaper Chinese Key
Chinese Tree 2067 Clare C1843
Claridge H4627 Clifton
Clifton S413 Clivedon
Cockatrice - Blue C4800 Cockatrice - Chartreuse C4545
Cockatrice - Green 4863 Cockatrice - Pink 9646
Cockatrice - Yellow Coleridge
Commodore S112 Consort
Cordoba S-772 Corinth B1335
Corinth B1352 Corinthian H5218
Crimson Ivory K396 Crimson Rex H4903
Cuckoo 3934 Dacca

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