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Dagger Border through Grandee

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Dagger Border Dainty Sprays S511
Dartmouth B1339 Daventry B1296
Dawn - Blue S438 Dawn - Green S549
Dawn - Ivory S577 Dawn - Salmon S394
Debutante - Blue S294 Debutante - Green S297
Debutante - Grey S295 Debutante - Pink
Dedham Vale Delft S1613
Denmark Derwent B1038
Devonshire H3644 Devonshire Pa1097
Diana S246 Dirilyte K290
Donovan Bird S769 Dooran
Dorset Dover H4876
Downing S665 Drooping Willow
Dryden S716 Duet
Durham S651 Dynasty - Cobalt H3775
Dynasty - Green H5003 Edenbridge S737
Edinburgh B1455 Edinburgh S737
Elizabethan Oak - Blue-Grey S641 Elizabethan Oak - Brown S642
Eloise B1010 Embassy - Blue
Embassy - Cream K108 Embassy - Green H4987
Embassy - Ivory H4987 Embassy - White H4987
Embossed Strawberr y Emperor's Garden B919
English Rose S121 Ermine S694
Eton Ash4731 Exotic Birds
Faisan - Blue Faisan - Yellow C2556H
Falmouth S224 Felicity H5289
Fernleigh S426 Festoon
Flora R55642 Florence H2917
Florentine 6495 Florentine B869
Florentine B933 Florentine C2081
Florentine C495 Florine S514
Fortune S725 Fragrance S715
G8008 G8008 Garden Pinks S381
Garden Pinks S569 Garden Pinks S575
Gem, The Genevese H4930
Georgia Georgian B1134
Gladstone Glendale B1460
Glengarry S687 Glenwood S722
Gloucester Gold Crocus - Green H4851
Gold Crocus - Ivory H4900 Gold Crocus H4765
Gold Laurel S733 Gold Laurentian H5184
Gold Monarch S729 Gold Pandora H5230
Gold Rose H4680 Golden Diadem H5270
Golden Fern H5022 Golden Fern S1044
Golden Heritage H5183 Golden Symphony H4919
Golden Symphony H5084 Golden Symphony X971
Gower - Blue Gower - Yellow
Granada - Crimson H4749 Granada - Green H4751
Granada - Mazarine H4750 Granada - Pink H4687
Granada H4687 Grandee

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