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Gothic Y8010 through Lancaster R8950

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Gothic Y8010 Granada Y8118
Granville Y8430-P Grapevine Y6525
Gray Coral Y7562 Gray Delhi
Graystone Grecian Border 804297
Greek Greek 2691506
Greek F463 Greek-Black
Green Basket 1920843 Green Basket 8135
Green Basket S2675-2/ Green Garland
Green Garland S3432 Green Velvet Y7869
Gresham A446 Hallmark
Hallmark 848460 Harmony
Harrogate Y8237 Harvard Y8493J
Harvest Harvest Rose Y8495
Hastings Hazel Dell S733
Hazel Dell S930 Heath & Rose
Heath S/217 Heath S/218
Helena 2722916 Henry IV
Heritage Heritage W69
Heron 1560349 Herring Hunt
Herring Hunt 1906233 Herring Hunt 2649137
Herring Hunt S/174 Herring Hunt Y238
Herring Hunt Y8006 Herring Hunt-Green 2690045
Herring Hunt/The Hunt Herring Hunt/TheHunt 2/9265
Herring Hunt/TheHunt 2/9344 Honeycomb
Honeysuckle Honeysuckle Y7928
Honeywall Hunt Scenes
Hunt Scenes 8152 Hunt, The
Hunting Scenes Hunting Scenes 6667
Husk 3902 Illium S664
Imperial D'or 3178 Imperial Fancies
Independence India Tree
Indian Tree 2/959 Indian Tree D1628
Indian Tree R2772 Ingestre 1467577
Irene Y6470 Iris
Iris Y4840 Ivanhoe
Ivanhoe 1122424 Jamestown Y2759
Japonica Y4626 Jefferson W39
Jewel Juliana Y6573
Jun-40 Jun-60
June 1913903 June 2500483
June Y2939 June-Green 2100908
Kensington Y8051 Kent Y5449
Kent Y6511 Kent Y6948
Kent Y7251 Kerry S211
Kew King 1467
King's R8479 Knightsbridge
Knightsbridge Y5783 Knightsbridge Y8438-1
Knightsbridge Y8485 Knottingham Y8401
Korea S306 Lady Anne S/2618
Lady Blessington Y7195 Lancaster R8950

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