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Wedgwood China Patterns
Ferrara PO546 through Gosport W1345

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Ferrara PO546 Ferrara X9295
Ferrera AL8870 Festivity
Fidelity Fieldfare
Fir Flame Rose R4355
Flaxman A7236 Fleur
Fleur Damask Fleur De Lis
Flora Florabunda
Floral Floral AK6793
Floral Basket NM923 Floral Festival R4633
Floral T5028 Floral Tapestry
Florence Florentine all white, gold W4219
Florentine black, gold W4312 Florentine Blue with Center W1079
Florentine brown W4637 Florentine Cobalt no floral center W1191
Florentine cobalt, no floral center W1956 Florentine cobaltbd, floral center W1929
Florentine Coral, No Floral Center W2323 Florentine Gold, Cobalt TB W2832
Florentine green black trim W1265 Florentine green with center W1232
Florentine green with center W4636 Florentine green, blacktr, fruit W596
Florentine green, floral center W3064 Florentine green, gold W4170
Florentine green, grey with floral center W3742 Florentine green, no center W1566
Florentine green, no center W799 Florentine Grey, Green W3605
Florentine ivory rim, gold W4220 Florentine Red W2138
Florentine Teal Green No Center R4646 Florentine Turkey Center A4414
Florentine Turqoise, fruit W2714 Florentine Turqoise, No Floral Center W2614
Florentine Yellow Floral Center W1231 Florentine-Platinum-White Body
Florida Florida W962
Flower Song Flower Wreath AMH9474
Flying Cloud Focus
Fontainebleau Forget Me Not
Forget Me Nots AK4868 Formal Gold
Formal Platinum Formal White
Foxworth Fragrant Rose
Fresco Freya W1216
Freya W1229 Friendship Salem
Frontenac Fruit Sprays
Ft Ticonderoga Gainsborough
Galaxie White Garden
Garden Club AK8565 Garden Club AL9349
Garden Implements CL6321 Garden Maze
Garden TL259 Gardenia
Gardenia R4628 Geneva
Georgetown University Gettysburg College
Gilded Leaf Gilded Weave
Glacier Glen Mist C1035
Gloucester W3988 Glytie
Gold Chelsea Gold Dontil W4286
Gold Tracery Golden Bird
Golden Cockerel Golden Fleece
Golden Glory Golden Ivy TK31/TL3
Golden Ivy W3852 Golden Persephone W4153
Golden Swirl Gosport W1345

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Wedgwood China

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